For most film makers, it’s common that previously using a HDMI or SDI cable to connect their camera to a client monitor, however in some situations the cable is not convenience for R&G or gimbal shooting. Now a wireless video transmission system should be the best solution for feeding video. […]


Roland R-07

As a Hi-Res audio recorder, Roland R-07 has added a features by updating its firmware v1.1 such as USB audio on PC or iOS which allows listen PC or iOS audio via R-07. The R-07 can be listened wire and wireless headphones Simultaneously, and also via built-in small speaker. The new […]

For video purpose, LED lights should have higher number of CRI or TLCI. Looking around the market, the Came-TV 150W has very good result of those index number 97 @CRI, 97.5@TLCI which are pretty good. The light comes a standard single packaging which has a AC-DC adaptor, removable barn doors, […]