Since 1994, I have been involving photography and worked as a commercial photographer in several areas. I graduated in Apply Scientific Photography at RMIT University, Australia and have been working as scientific photographer in commercial, also wedding and portraiture in Australia and China. In these age of digital technology,  B&W and larger format photography  are still my favourite subjects. However I have been getting into film & video productions area including promotional filming and event video productions and animated creation, etc..

Photography is a method that records and represents  the truth. The truth of story in a photograph has more significant power than its graphics, that is documentary photography or street photography can be. Street photography just likes taking “snap shot”, but actually each photograph would be able to capture a single frame of a moment or story, therefore documentary photography also can be seen as a series of single moment to represent a entire story. In a photograph,  the behaviours of a figure is the essence of the story, It emphasises the moment of something happened or will be happened. Those frames could inspire the imagination of audience to imagine a story behind the photograph that what is going to be. However, whatever documentary or street photography, the point is “Freezing” a moment to extend audience’s imagination. This technique also can be used in other commercial areas of photography, such as wedding or fashion photography. Because of their true representing and more attraction of true feeling, it is the reason that I enjoy street photography rather than the others.

Attractive photographs should have more connotations by representing its tonality or incredible contents. Hopefully you will enjoy my all images here, Cheers.